Online Classes

Peace In Action Professors offers an online, on-demand course!

Inclusion, Equality and Belonging:
A Starter Kit to Understanding Social Justice and Diversity

The course includes a series of online classes that allow you to explore subject areas you want to know more about in a comfortable, non-intimidating environment. The objective of our online classes is to provide a brief (less than 15 minutes), easily understood, broad background on a number of current topics including racism, sexism, classism, LGBTQ+, and critical race theory.

What’s Next? A preview of each class is shared below. Click the Take this Class link to go to Udemy where the class can be purchased.

Peace in Action Online Course: Racism

Confused about racism? Learn why everything and everyone is not actually racist. Here is a brief history of how we got here.

Peace in Action Online Course: Sexism

Feeling unsure about what sexism really is? Take this brief class before you stick your foot in your mouth! We offer you tips and history, so as to help you not to destroy your career.

Peace in Action Online Course: Classism

Should we really “eat the rich?” Find out what there is to know about social class and snobbery and how that may impact members of our society.

Peace in Action Online Course: LGBTQ+

Intimidated by this topic? Take this brief class, discover the ABCs of LGBT issues, and increase your comfort level with this topic.

Peace in Action Online Course: Critical Race Theory

After all of the press coverage it wouldn’t be unusual to think: “Oh no! Critical Race Theory is coming; what do we do?” But actually Critical Race Theory is not as scary as you may think; it’s not a curriculum or a workshop. Let us help you understand what it really is.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE? Anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge base and open to learning about new perspectives on inclusion, equality, and belonging from a different point of view.

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